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Laser Hair Removal: How Does It Actually Work?

Laser Hair Removal in Merritt Island

Many individuals who have unwanted hair are looking for treatments that offer more lasting results, moving beyond temporary fixes like shaving or waxing. This pursuit of a more permanent approach to hair reduction often leads our patients to laser hair removal. 

Laser hair removal is one of the treatments we are excited to offer at AgelessYou Med Spa in Merritt Island, FL. This treatment can offer long-term results that are actually effective, allowing you to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin indefinitely after your treatment. We can walk you through why this treatment is so effective and whether it is right for you.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a method that uses focused light beams to target and reduce hair from various parts of the body. This technique is designed to selectively impact hair follicles while minimizing its effect on the surrounding skin. It’s a preferred option for those seeking an alternative solution to hair reduction that lasts longer than shaving, waxing, or hair removal creams.

Our Device: Elite iQ

For our laser hair removal, we use the Elite iQ device. This technology allows us to customize treatments according to individual skin and hair types, enhancing the effectiveness of the hair removal process. The Elite iQ’s precision and adaptability make it a reliable choice for our clients, and its emphasis on comfort makes it virtually painless. 

How Laser Technology Works

The concept behind laser hair removal treatment is based on “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation” (LASER). In laser technology, atoms are energized to emit a concentrated beam of light. Different techniques and devices can produce different wavelengths of light that can be used for different purposes. In cosmetics, lasers are developed based on their ability to target specific types of pigmentation in the skin, which is the basis of laser hair removal.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Professional laser hair removal operates by using selective photothermolysis. In this method, laser light of a specific wavelength is targeted toward hair follicles. Melanin within the hair acts as a magnet for the laser light, which it absorbs and transforms into thermal energy. This generated heat damages the hair follicle, impeding its hair-growing capacity. The accuracy of this technique is such that it impacts only the hair follicle, not the surrounding skin.

The Science of Hair Growth and Cycles and Laser Treatments

Hair development progresses through three stages: anagen (the active growth period), catagen (the intermediary phase), and telogen (the dormancy stage). Laser treatments have their highest efficacy in the anagen phase because the actively growing hair is typically rich in melanin, a key component for absorbing the laser’s light. Due to these growth cycles, multiple sessions are required to target each hair during its anagen phase, thereby enhancing the overall success of the treatment.

Factors That Impact Laser Hair Removal Efficacy

Skin and Hair Tone

The efficacy of a laser hair removal service can be influenced by the contrast between skin and hair tone. Lasers target the melanin in hair, so the greater the contrast between the skin tone and hair color, typically, the more effective the treatment. For instance, dark hair on lighter skin tends to respond best to laser treatments. However, one of the reasons we use the Elite IQ is that it can be used to treat darker skin tones. Elite IQ has Skintel® melanin reader technology that allows us to perfectly adjust it for your skin tone. 

Hair Type

Different hair types respond differently to laser hair removal. Coarse, dark hair typically absorbs laser light more effectively, traditionally leading to better results, whereas lighter, finer hair may require more sessions for noticeable hair reduction. Our laser technology can also treat everything from fine to thick hair, but your hair type can impact how many treatments you need.

Number of Treatments

If you want your treatment to be effective, you will want to adhere to the treatment plan we set for you. Our treatment plans are developed based on individual characteristics and the area being treated. We can adjust this plan as needed once we see how your hair responds to the treatments. 

Timing of Treatments

The timing between treatments influences laser hair removal results. Spacing out sessions allows hair in different growth cycles to be targeted effectively. Our specialists will recommend an optimal schedule based on individual hair growth cycles so that each treatment can be as effective as possible.

Correct Preparation of the Hair

Proper preparation is important for effective laser hair removal services. Shaving the treatment area before your hair reduction session is recommended, as this allows the laser to more effectively target the hair roots. Avoid tanning, waxing, or plucking in the weeks leading up to treatment, as these can reduce the efficacy of the laser or increase skin irritation.

What to Expect From Your Laser Hair Removal Results

When considering a hair removal treatment, it’s important to set realistic expectations regarding the results. Initial results can often be seen shortly after the first session as some hair in the treated area begins to fall out. Patients may need three to six treatments to achieve significant laser hair removal results.

Tackle Unwanted Hair With Laser Hair Removal in Merritt Island

At AgelessYou Med Spa, we are here to provide exceptional laser hair removal services in Merritt Island, FL. We understand that every individual’s hair removal goals are different, so we meet you where you are with devices and services that are customizable. For more details about how we can assist you with your hair removal goals, please reach out to us or call (321) 759-5665.

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