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Neuromodulators in Merritt Island, FL

Depending on your cosmetic and aging-related needs, you may benefit from treatment with one of our anti-aging injectables, including Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin. Plus, we can use one of these neuromodulators to address TMJ so you can find relief.


When asked which sign of aging bothers them the most, most people would say expression lines. Expression lines aren’t always synonymous with the aging process. For some, they are genetic and appear as early as the 20s. For others, they slowly worsen over time as the skin becomes thinner and weaker in response to the normal aging process.

The different neuromodulators provide an effective solution to smooth these expression lines, whether they’re aging-related or genetic, by relaxing the muscles below the skin. Post-treatment, you can enjoy younger and healthier-looking skin for several months at a time, and quick, regular maintenance treatments can help you keep those lines at bay long-term.


Almost everyone has heard of Botox since it is the most popular cosmetic injectable. It’s administered worldwide to help men and women erase expression lines on the upper half of their faces. It also has some effective medical uses, making it an extremely versatile injectable. Botox is FDA-approved to be injected into different areas of the face specifically to address forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet.

Botox’s long-standing presence in the cosmetic world has made it a go-to for many men and women when they first consider using neuromodulators to smooth expression lines. Post-treatment results appear within one week and last for three to six months.

A Treatment for TMJ

Not only can Botox effectively smooth different expression lines on the upper half of the face, but it’s also an effective solution for different medical concerns, including TMJ. TMJ is a condition that causes incredible discomfort and often results from clenching and general jaw muscle tension.

Injecting Botox into the jaw muscles can help alleviate TMJ and improve your quality of life. Once treated with this injectable, you can enjoy reduced symptoms for approximately three to four months.


Dysport is another popular neuromodulator that is FDA-approved to treat frown lines. Like Botox, it qualifies as a Neuromodulator and contains botulinum toxin A, a purified protein that helps relax the area to improve its appearance when injected into the muscles. During the treatment process with Dysport, you’ll receive five injections into some specific points around your eyebrows.

These injections will help relax the muscles causing your frown lines without inhibiting your ability to move the rest of your face. You’ll notice improvements in your frown lines within two to three days of your injections, and your results will continue to improve for the first few weeks. Your results generally last three to six months, after which elections will be necessary to maintain those results.


Xeomin contains a formula with a highly purified formula, which makes it unique from Botox and Dysport. However, it works similarly and is designed to target and smooth expression lines between the eyebrows.

Its purified formula doesn’t contain any additional proteins, and as a result, some patients who suffer from allergies may be better suited for this neuromodulator over others. It’s specifically designed to smooth frown lines and can significantly improve the appearance of the skin.

What To Expect From Your Treatment

Even if you’re concerned about needles, you don’t need to be anxious about this treatment process. The needles used to administer these neuromodulators are very thin and fine. The experience is nothing like receiving a shot but a comfortable process.

Although numbing cream isn’t required, some patients prefer this topical application to enhance their comfort and relax them on different levels. We can discuss this detail with you before your treatment. The injection process is quick and only takes about 20 minutes, and then you can go about your day.

Is There Downtime?

You won’t have to worry about significant downtime after your treatment, but you will need to follow some aftercare instructions. If you plan to work out, schedule it before your appointment since you will need to avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours post-treatment. You should also avoid excess sun exposure and activities that increase your body temperature, including but not limited to hot tubs, saunas, and even warm weather exposure.

Am I a Good Candidate for Neuromodulators?

Most patients who are adults in good health make candidates for one or more of these injectables. You may be a good treatment candidate if you are not nursing, pregnant, or allergic to any of the ingredients in the formulas.

We will begin the treatment process with an initial consultation. First, we will ask you some questions about your medical history. Then, we will examine your problem areas so that we can create a treatment plan using one or multiple neuromodulators to smooth your expression lines and help you reach your aesthetic goals.

Erase Your Wrinkles

If you are tired of your expression lines and have been considering beginning a treatment plan with one of these neuromodulators, what are you waiting for? Choosing to improve your appearance with Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin is an investment in yourself and will help you feel more confident in every area of life. Contact us today at AgelessYou MedSpa in Merritt Island, FL, to schedule your consultation.