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RF Microneedling Merritt Island, Florida

RF Microneedling With Potenza

On its own, microneedling is a natural and powerful treatment that can improve the skin in different ways. When you add radiofrequency energy and PRP to the treatment process, the results get even better. You don’t have to schedule invasive, surgical, or painful treatments to perfect your skin. RF microneedling proves that the body has what it takes to improve its complexion; it just needs some help.

We use the Potenza device to give the body what it needs to stimulate collagen production and heal the skin from the inside out. This device has multiple radiofrequency energy modes and adjustable needle depths to target different skin concerns. Post-treatment, you can expect a significantly increased cellular turnover rate, improved collagen and elastin production, and younger, healthier-looking skin.

How and Why It’s So Effective

RF microneedling is so effective because it uses two different natural techniques to promote increased collagen and elastin production. During the treatment, microneedles create micro-injuries on the skin’s surface. These injuries enact a response from the body that inevitably results in increased collagen and elastin production to heal the micro-wounds.

At the same time, the device emits radiofrequency energy into the skin. Radiofrequency energy gently heats the dermal tissue, causing an instant contraction of existing collagen and forcing the body to create new collagen.

Before and After

Customizing Your Treatment With PRP

We can add PRP to your treatment process if you’re interested in intensifying your treatment results. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. It’s a substance found within your blood and contains proteins, growth factors, and other anti-aging and healing properties. Once isolated, it’s instantly transformed into the most powerful anti-aging serum.

Why It Works

Applying platelet-rich plasma to the skin during an RF microneedling treatment enhances results because all of those anti-aging properties will absorb into the micro-channels created by the Potenza device, leading to incredible improvement in the health and appearance of the skin.

The platelet-rich plasma we use during the treatment can only be derived from your blood, not someone else’s. For that reason, we begin the treatment process with a blood draw so we can isolate PRP, prepare it into a topical form, and then apply it to your skin during your treatment.

What To Expect From the Treatment Process

On the day of your treatment, we will cleanse your skin to prepare it for the microneedling process. Then, we will apply a topical numbing solution to your skin which will take about 30 minutes to effectively numb the treatment area. Once your skin is numb, we will use the Potenza device to needle the skin and deliver radiofrequency energy into the dermal layers. These two techniques together will promote increased collagen and elastin production.

You won’t feel any pain during the treatment, but you may feel some warmth and gentle pressure as the radiofrequency energy targets your skin, and the needles create micro-injuries on the skin’s surface. If you choose to add PRP to your treatment, we will apply the topical solution during the treatment so that it can absorb into the micro-channels and enhance your results.

When Will I See the Results?

You may notice some initial results immediately following your treatment, but it takes a few weeks to see the most visible results. It takes time for the body to grow new collagen, but you’ll notice healthier and younger-looking skin when it does. Your skin imperfections will fade, and you’ll see a drastic improvement in the overall health and appearance of your complexion.

Who Is a Candidate?

All of the techniques used during this treatment are natural and effective. Most patients make good treatment candidates, but some will be excluded from the treatment process for safety reasons. An initial consultation will determine whether this treatment is right for your skin type. If you have active acne or a skin infection in the planned treatment area, you must reschedule your treatment after the area has healed.

Needling over an infected area or active acne can spread the infection or bacteria, leading to less-than-ideal treatment results. Most patients make good candidates for microneedling with PRP since the topical platelet-rich plasma we apply is derived from your blood, and you cannot be allergic to your own blood.

Stimulate Your Body’s Natural Collagen Production With RF Microneedling

Whether you want to combat the signs of aging like visible lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of acne scars or simply promote a healthier complexion, we can design a treatment plan with Potenza treatments that can perfect your skin. An initial consultation is the first step in the treatment process, as it will help us customize your treatment experience so that we can target your specific skin concerns and help you reach your aging and aesthetic goals. Contact us at AgelessYou MedSpa in Merritt Island, FL, today to schedule your consultation.