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Dysport® Treatment

If you have moderate to severe frown lines, you may be a good candidate for our Dysport treatments at AgelessYou Med Spa in Merritt Island, FL. Dysport is one of our treatment options for expression lines and it can offer benefits for patients of many different ages, skin types, and concerns. 

At our med spa, we offer some of the best anti-aging treatments and services in the area. We offer customized services that cater to your specific goals and we spend time with you to find out how we can help to refresh your appearance. With us, you can take advantage of anti-aging experts who have over 20 years of experience in neuromodulators, injectables, and other treatments.

What Is Dysport and How Does It Improve Wrinkles?

Dysport is a product manufactured by Ipsen that is used cosmetically to treat lines and wrinkles on the face. It is a neuromodulator which is a type of injectable that limits muscle movement in order to keep skin looking more smooth and youthful. 

When injected into a muscle, the active ingredient in Dysport, botulinum toxin type A, begins to interrupt signals from the nerves to the muscles. It does this by preventing certain chemicals from being released. When this happens, the muscles don’t receive the message to contract so they stay relaxed, enabling your skin to stay smooth.

What Is Dysport Used For?

Dysport treatments are used primarily to erase glabellar lines, or frown lines, from between the eyebrows. This product has FDA approval for this area and can be very effective at helping you to look more refreshed and rested. 

What Are the Benefits of Dysport Injections?

Dysport Is Low-Downtime

Dysport is an in-and-out treatment that doesn’t require a lot of social downtime or special recovery instructions. You’ll want to avoid itching or rubbing the treatment site to help keep the formula in the treatment area. You will also need to stay upright for several hours post-treatment, but you will not need to avoid any other activities that you feel comfortable doing right after your appointment. 

Dysport Is a Non-Invasive Treatment

Dysport is delivered to the muscles using a syringe equipped with a tiny needle. With the use of topical numbing cream, the pinch of the needle can be barely noticeable, depending on your tolerance levels. Any discomfort is over quickly as Dysport treatments are completed in just a few minutes.

Dysport May Require Fewer Injections

Because of its formulation, fewer injections may be required to achieve the natural-looking results that you desire. The number of injections you have and the number of units that are injected at each site will depend on the results that you want to achieve. Most glabellar line treatments require 5 injections.

Dysport Can Offer Natural-Looking Results

Dysport diffuses throughout the treatment area which can lead to very natural-looking results. During your consultation, you can communicate your desired results with us and we will adjust our injections accordingly. 

Dysport vs Botox: A Few Differences

Many of our patients are confused about the differences between Botox, which is a more common household name, and Dysport. These two products are both neuromodulators, are both made from botulinum toxin type A, and are both very good products that are effective at treating wrinkles. However, they are not interchangeable as they have different formulations and can provide different benefits. Here is what sets Dysport apart from similar products. 

Dysport Is a More Diluted Product

Of all of the neuromodulators, Dysport has the most diluted formulation. This means that more of the product is injected to achieve similar results. Because of its dilution, it offers unique benefits such as a greater capacity to spread, faster treatment results, and more diffuse results that can allow natural motion.

Dysport Has a Smaller Molecular Structure

Dysport features a smaller molecular structure that can further promote fast spreading throughout the area. Because of its molecular structure, Dysport can be effective at treating larger areas. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Dysport

How Fast Does Dysport Work?

Dysport is one of the fastest-working neuromodulators which makes it a popular choice for patients who want to see results sooner. You can start looking for treatment results within three days after your treatment. 

How Long Does Dysport Last? 

On average, Dysport lasts up to 5 months. Individual results can differ, so talk to your doctor about what you can expect from your Dysport results. 

Do Dysport Injections Look Natural?

Dysport can be injected lightly to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without leaving your face frozen. If this is your first time getting injections, you can always request lighter injections. More product can always be injected later if you want less movement. 

What Are Dysport Treatments Like?

Our Dysport treatments will begin with a consultation to determine if the product is right for you and to map out your injection areas. We will have you frown and mark the injection points according to the locations of your muscles and wrinkles. 

Next, we will inject Dysport, usually at 5 different injection sites. Once each point has been injected, you will be free to go about your day. 

Dysport Treatments for Frown Lines in Merritt Island, FL

Frown lines are a common concern, but they can also be easy to treat. If you want to smooth away your glabellar lines and enjoy a more refreshed appearance, you can get in touch with us about our Dysport injections at AgelessYou Med Spa. We offer services in Merritt Island, FL and you can schedule consultations by phone or online.